Un genre humain

_2011 Artists' residency at Maroquinerie de Saint-Antoine, Fondation d'entreprise Hermès

_Exhibition views from Ginza Maison Hermes Tokyo. March 20 to June 30 2014

Four modules – part drum, part animal cage, each bigger than the last – consist of a complete skin attached to a skeletal structure, tied with leather straps around the middle. The diameter and volume of each drum are determined by the size of the skin used (calf, ostrich, goat, crocodile), arranged in a chromatic scale.

The totemic quality of the piece evokes the Grimm fairytale of the Musicians of Bremen, with its pyramid of beasts tottering one on top of the other, or Vladimir Tatline’sMonument to the Third International (1919-20). The solidarity demonstrated by the beasts in the story echoes Tatline’s architectural utopia. The piece’s four modules can also be placed one inside the other or arranged separately in space. In each variation, they are linked by a strap, forming ‘a kind of family, a united series of autonomous elements.’ (Clément Dirié).